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Taishan Yu Mei Kitchen Products Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development, manufacturing, professional customization, a variety of high-quality corporate brand sink.

Founded in November 11, 2011, a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan, has more than 60 Taiwan hydraulic machine, punch near Taiwan, more than 200 Taiwan sander, hand sink production lines, the full introduction of foreign advanced technology on the basis , the technology has been successfully applied as a whole stretch, stretching machine and the punch line with the production, packaging production lines, surface treatment process automation, manual tank production automation. First-class product quality system and excellent tensile, welding, automation equipment, by the praise of customers, in 2016 the new automation project investment amounted to more than fifty million yuan. Companies in the development process, and continue with the domestic exchanges and cooperation more mechanical equipment manufacturers, design, development, production capability to rapidly increase, expanding.

With the professional level and mature technology in the field of tank production, the rapid rise in the water tank industry. The company has been built at the beginning of a single stretch tank company into a comprehensive manufacturer of all kinds of sink. As one of the best large-scale tank production base.

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